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Watch Oblivion Online Free -Cruise and Freeman are at their best. The story is great. Unusually intelligent and unexpected. The action sequences are very tense and exciting. The special effects are gently done and understated.In short, the best film I have seen for a long, long time.It’s essentially a science fiction film, but also has a love story at its core. I think non sci-fi fans would find it very enjoyable as well. I would urge you to see it.

Watch Oblivion Online
Watch Oblivion Online

Watch Oblivion Online – In Oblivion, Americans in particular get to see drones up close, in a manner only seen by their middleeast victims. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie, and still have my queries. The title is suggestive but its meaning in ‘forgetting’, is not clear till later on. For the first half, life for our hero is simple. Jack Harper is a drone serviceman,who likes superbowl and longs to go to the remaining human colony on Titan,has an idyllic hermitage, with some very old books. He wants to go and wants to remain: Jack is a man divided.


Movie Detail :
Title : Oblivion
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Science FictionStarring: Tom Cruise , Olga Kurylenko , Morgan Freeman , Andrea Riseborough , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Run Time: 126min.
Theatrical Release Date: 04/19/2013
Distributor(s): Universal
Director(s): Joseph Kosinski

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Watch Oblivion Online Free -On the surface of it, the movie seemed like another summer CGI attempt with a lot of special effects and an incomplete story with so many untied loose ends that it was destined to fail with most people. Almost! But this is Tom Cruise of the Church of Scientology that we are dealing with over here. He is no mere man. He has understood the mechanics of Quantum Physics and is very elegantly trying to show you that there is much more to life than what it seems. We think that we are Alive, Special, with Memories. But what if you are just another clone, with some memory implants? Isn’t that what God does to us, our flash-backs, our deja-vu about past lives and small memory traces of another life.

watch oblivion online free
watch oblivion 2013 online free streaming

We feel it, but then society has given us roles to play. To break out of this role-playing is overturning the system, losing your wealth, property, your wife, and everything that you hold dear. The physical structure will not allow you to break free unless you posses that rare suicidal spirit to destroy the System. To be the ultimate Rebel. To be like Jesus! And that is precisely what Tom Cruise does. He blows it away with an amazing performance so elegant and light, that it took we a few days to digest what he’d done right in front of me. Watch Oblivion Online free -A movie that appeared so bland initially but with so many cosmic truth embedded in it that it can easily become a video manual on Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics. Amazing breakthrough story and acting. We are all clones and living meaningless and pointless lives till we really break out of the System! The title says a lot, “Oblivion”. If you stay within the system, then you are living in OBLIVION. I think we have reached a point in Human history where we need another “Reset” of our Civilization. When was the last time that you really did something wild? Like take on the Zionist Federal Reserve or the Zionist C.I.A? Till then we are slaves of the System. Be the Rebel! Destroy the Federal System.